Welcome to teriraes.com, home of “The Lighthouse Keeper” series.

     This collection of political thrillers will call into question every teaching, belief system and ethics at the core of our citizenship. The creators vision, a government of the people…once an impetus of success, freedom, and empowerment now compromised by magnets of greed, health care for profit and broken education system. The fate of democracy’s citizens does not rest in political promise. The future is in the hands of the Lighthouse Keepers.  The keepers, is an interconnected system of unconventional guardians serving citizens of the world. Former CIA agents, Holocaust survivors, Catholic Priest, MI 6 Agent, Canadian Journalist, Native American Attorney Advocate and elementary teacher are phantom soldiers. This collective group of warriors by choice or default knew not of surrender or mortality.

“Project Nine” a secret society of eight men and one woman. This elite group held no allegiance to any country, political party or religious affiliation. Nine intellectual geniuses control global economy, world resources, nations, political leaders and every major media source.   In their view the earth had become a vessel of broken, inconsistent elements.  The first course of action was to control world population. When wars did not achieve the mark, created epidemics was the next course in the elaborate design.  From designing diseases to infiltrating public water systems with caustic chemicals, genetic modified organisms, and questionable inoculations all steps of systematic genocide.

I invite you to take the ride. Only you can determine if fiction is non-fiction.  Along the way you will live, breathe and feel the unconditional passion of the Lighthouse Keepers.