Character Overview

Jack Smith

CIA Black Operations Commander esteemed by Presidents, generals, and peers.  Decorated hero whose soul was seated in truth.  This agent was of legendary status with supreme self-control.  Able to dominate his emotions as control the rate of his pulse, first to walk into purgatory, last one standing.  A man, who could not be broken, compromised or outwitted.  This human being of self-imposed duty was held hostage by a psyche of paralyzed, self-destructive conflict.  Besieged by the soul of a humanitarian, Jack was first and foremost a seasoned assassin.

A former Navy Seal, Jack qualified ‘Expert’ in Designated Marksman – Receiving Marksmanship Medal qualifying on 9mm, Beretta M9 Pistol, M-16.  Qualified 4th Dan Black Belt in Karate, S-7 Training Levels 1-10 he received a grade of 20 with expert standing grade of 10. Individuals of exceptional trained with British Secret Intelligence Service or MI6.  Jack exceeded all criteria in the year spent under MI6 training.

Jack’s physical attributes were flawless accentuated by masculine sensuality.  His six feet two inch frame of severe muscular proportion was toned and taut without excess.  Deep pacific blue eyes cold and intense under the supreme control of agent attire, eyes fueled by passion and compassion.  Wavy blond hair framing a face of perfection, narrow nose breaking to thin lips exposing radiating teeth, all a stunning symmetry.


Ezra Rosenbaum

International financier supported economical interests in quiet partnership between the United States and Great Britain.  Imprisoned at Auschwitz at the age of ten Ezra survived through sacrifices made by strangers.  Whether it was rations or a shirt to cover his emaciated body from cold, Ezra never forgot.  He spent the rest of his life is support of Human Rights as being one of the most altruistic philanthropist in New York City.

Jack’s final assignment was to provide security for Ezra.  At a summit in South Africa Ezra was approached by a former survivor with information of an elaborate plan to reduce global population through war, created epidemic and soft kill.  Ezra called upon his friend/body guard to investigate these allegations against the most powerful nations in the world.

With proof of these horrendous acts upon humanity, and an upcoming economical submit at the United Nations, Ezra prepared for the presentation.  He was scheduled to report on global economics instead he would bring to light propagated genocide.  Which began on the citizens of Africa through the guise of small pox inoculation infested with the aids virus.

A healthy man, Ezra was not under a physicians care.  His short brick stature, wiry, thick, gray hair and deep brown eyes, were clear in the picture of health.  Each day he would walk five miles except the day of the meeting.  Ezra was the first keeper to die.  The microchip of death would be held in secret for nine years.


Eliza Rosenbaum

Eliza Rosenbaum, wife and widow of Ezra, a petite woman with fire in her eyes and heart of a warrior.  A philanthropist like her husband, a woman, whose loss in the camp of Auschwitz never defined her life purpose.  Eliza watched as her parents and sister walked into the showers never to return.

Eliza supported the Arts, Homeless Shelters, and mentored hundreds of young people that society had discarded.  One young woman did not fall into that category, an individual she would love as a daughter, Shanon McNally.


Shanon McNally

Shanon was a survivor of sorts.  At the age of four her parents perished in an automobile accident.  Her fraternal grandmother, an independent woman who became the first woman contractor in nineteen-fifty, was mother and father.  Four months before Shanon graduated college, her grandmother passed.

Although Shanon did not have the financial freedom of a philanthropist, she stood for the rights of children, challenged the broken education system.  She wanted to shape the lives of the future. She became an educator, a kindergarten teacher.  The decision to visit New York City after graduation would be the catalyst of transformation.  The cultivator of young souls would live conspiracies, interrogations, and assaults.  More than once would she find her hands stained in blood.

Shanon’s bond with Eliza brought her life lessons she would carry to eternity.  Eliza would bring Jack Smith into Shanon’s life. Upon Eliza’s untimely death, Shanon became executor of Eliza’s estate.  The nine years Shanon spent with her mentor, surrogate mother/grandmother brought her what life had not given, the ability to trust another human being.  This Irish Catholic woman, of long wavy red hair and emerald green eyes small in stature would capture the soul of a restless warrior.


Paul Gregory

CIA operative under Commander Smith for twenty years, like all the men of Black Covert Corp respect for Jack knew no boundaries.  Paul was the electronics genius of the group.  There was no security system he could not breech, no computer system, he could not hack.  Although these elite few eliminated emotions long before, Paul and Jack were brothers by choice.

Paul’s six-foot frame, shoulder length, straight black hair and hypnotic blue eyes attracted many women.  Yet Paul loved only one woman, a woman bound to another.  In contrast to Jack’s steel, intense persona, Paul was relaxed, easy going.


Steve Rybek a.k.a “Big man”

Steve served as Director of CIA for twenty years.  He was the only individual who knew of the identities of Black Covert Corp.  Steve created that group.  A former Navy Seal as many men in Black Corp, Steve trained the top agent, Jack Smith.  When the new administration created Homeland Security, Steve was forced into retirement.

Rybek, a master of marshal arts, in Karate he was a tenth degree Dan, equivalent to a Red Belt. In Aikido, Laido and Kung Fu he was Master.  Steve was the oldest of the group at age fifty.  His toned six feet three physique, olive skin, black eyes and dark hair tied in a tight ponytail gave the appearance of a much younger man.


Casey Knudson

Agent Knudson like each man under Commander Smith held specialized talents.  Casey was an expert with sniper’s tools and could alter the physical appearance of any individual with the expertise of a professional FX artist.  Small in statue compared to the men of the unit, his gray eyes, curly light brown hair with dimpled cheeks, he was as boyishly cute as Steve was handsome.  Casey trained as an Army Ranger the only ground soldier in the group of seals.


Frank Donovan

The giant among the group originating from the woods of Maine, his towering frame of six feet four, two hundred sixty pounds of compact brawn.  Frank’s thick curly brown hair and thick black beard earned him the nickname of “Woodsman”.

Frank was an explosives expert.  He was also a collector of every type of weaponry the group used.  Frank was always ready to bring the foundation down, whether it was an enemy stronghold or a group of mercenaries.  His infectious laughter was welcomed relief to the wounded warriors.


Rick Sheppard

Rick was the team medic.  Other talents included, marine and aeronautics mechanic.  His expertise was the ability to move, stalk, and survey in plain sight earning him the name of “Shadow”.  Shadow’s blue eyes curly lashes and thick brown hair, always in need of a cut, as his face, in need of the razor.  At five foot nine, one hundred sixty pounds, Shadow could lift twice weight.


Kevin Cooper

The brother’s in arms often referred to Kevin as “the model”.  Kevin resembled the “Ken” doll.  Natural charms precise instincts defined Kevin’s special talents.  His ability to finesse women and men was a secret weapon.  It was his acute tracking techniques that often kept him separate from the men gathering intelligence.


Jesse Skye

Jesse, like Paul was an electronics expert.  There was no surveillance, firewall, network or satellite system he could not gain access to never leaving a trace.  Jesse was also a bomb expert, diffusing the most intricate devices was a game in which he reveled.  There was one additional reason Jack chose Jesse for his squad.  His physical features and stature illuminated Paul so closely they could be twins.


Maggie Martin

Beautiful Maggie whose natural sun-lit blond hair fell in spiral curls cascading to the middle of her back.  With wide almond shaped blue eyes mounted with an array of long lashes, it was her porcelain skin, natural blush cheeks that defined her physical perfection.  Maggie was Shanon’s source of truth, lifelong friend sister in spirit not of birth.


Father Anthony Piombo

Parish Priest of St. Francis Xavier Cabrini Church in Portland Maine, Father Piombo often wore jeans with his collar.  Once a high school English teacher and owner of a nightclub in Hartford, Connecticut, the elegant ladies man yearned to reach farther.  That reach called him into the priesthood.

Father Piombo protected Jack and Shanon’s secrets before and after one took a life insuring he could continue his work.  The first keeper outside the circle of survivors, Father Piombo became the unconditional angel.


Mother Geraldine

At the age of sixty-five, Mother Superior had spent forty-eight years in the service of God and church.  She was the administrator of the homeless shelter, convent and center for children, wards of the state.  It was Mother Superior who invited Shanon to teach at the preschool.  She was the second keeper outside the circle.


Mike Worthington

Lifelong friend of Ezra and Eliza Rosenbaum, local antiques dealer in Seabrook Maine.  Mike was also a Holocaust survivor.  His popeyed shaped forearm still held the numbered tattoo.  Jack’s closest friend in Seabrook, Maine a keeper who watched over Eliza’s beloved Shanon in Jack’s absence.


Dr. Charlie Bennett

Charlie first glimpsed Lady Liberty with friends Ezra and Eliza Rosenbaum.   Dr. Charlie settled into the fishing port of Seabrook Maine.  Located in the northern most point of Maine.  This small town at the reach of the Bay of Fundy reflected lights of Yarmouth, Canada across the currents.

The country doctor made house calls in a time of walk in clinics and emergency centers.  Charlie worked out of his home.  The old Victorian located off the main highway surrounded in pines older than the Second World War.  Another Keeper with tattooed forearm whose love for his second home was only compromised by his duty to rid the world of crimes against humanity.


Sally McIntosh

Nurse Sally with smile of light, compassion the first tool of treatment and devotion to her patients was a life choice.  Sally had been Dr. Charlie’s companion for twenty years.  An elegant woman with short cropped blonde hair infused by silver highlights, tall, thin with eyes that glowed in captured wisdom.  A keeper by default and choice, Sally’s critical support of Shanon during both pregnancies was invaluable.


Madeline Smith

Madeline was born to a mother addicted to methamphetamine, no one was quite sure of the identity of Madeline’s father.  At the age of two, child services were called in when a concerned neighbor phoned in a complaint of a child crying.  Madeline’s mother had passed from an overdose two days before.

State workers brought Madeline to the children’s shelter at the convent and for the next two years Madeline barely spoke and did not interact well with the sisters of the convent or other children.  She was a tiny recluse whose wide blue eyes hungered for knowledge, a beautiful four year old, with an empty soul.  Madeline remained closed off from the world until a new preschool teacher walked into the classroom, Shanon McNally.

Madeline opened her soul and world to Shanon.  In a few months, the petite curly haired blonde angle would find a home with Jack and Shanon.  In their love she bloomed.  Not only was Madeline highly intelligent, she was also a gifted artist.  Madeline was the youngest keeper whose courage and hope never diminished.


Ira M. Weitz

Attorney Weitz member of B’nai B’rith a board member of International Human Rights committee, Ira represented a unique class of citizens.  His clients were from many shores, various cultures and ethnicity.  Every case was high profile and his win quotient was ninety-six percent.  An original keeper, Ira had been a life long friend of Ezra and Eliza Rosenbaum.  Ira was the individual who gave Ezra the initial information in South Africa.

Jack was not only an acquaintance of Ira Weitz but also his most challenging case.  Ira would fight one final battle for “The Lighthouse Keeper” securing his freedom from Homeland Security, FBI and those who controlled America.  No man or woman could free Jack from the lethal conflict within.


Elisha Juliet

Anchor of Canadian News Network, respected journalist whose integrity and esteem for those captured in her stories was never compromised or sensationalized for ratings.  Although a novice, with only five years in the field Elisha was moving up the journalistic ranks quickly.

What sealed her future and compromised her career was an interview with Shanon McNally Smith, wife of former CIA Commander Jack Smith.  A decorated teacher, four months pregnant who fled her beloved country with daughter Madeline after the FBI interrogated Shanon for over an hour on the location of her husband now an enemy of the state.  Their threats of imprisonment and removal of Madeline from her custody brought Shanon to Nova Scotia.

Elisha would follow Shannon from Maine to California, Yarmouth Canada and Guantanamo Bay, to report to the world the injustice of justice under the guise of Democracy.


Vincent LebeauxThe only heir to Lebeaux Diamonds and Partner in British Oil graduated Harvard with a degree in Corporate Law.  Vincent’s father, Paul founded British Oil with Oliver Crosby in early 1950’s.  Andre, his grandfather founded Lebeaux Diamonds in 1930.  Reluctantly Vincent followed in his father’s legacy.

Vincent’s mother was born in the Maliseet Nation, a contrast from his father’s family.  His physical features strikingly mirrored the image of his mother.  His large black eyes, bronze skin, black hair and prominent cheekbones and gentle spirit were the gifts from his mother.  Vincent’s six feet three inch frame was of his father’s heritage.

His tender soul, impassioned by the blight of Native Americans led him to an additional Degree in Criminal Law.  Vincent used his benevolence in support of those misused in society.  Supporting numerous Native American Tribes within Canadian Provinces to Tribes in the United States.  He donated millions to Aids hospice, Shelters for Homeless and Abused Women and lent his vast intellect to various human rights groups.

The Lebeaux Estate located in Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia is where Vincent live when involved in business.  He spent most of his time at the Chateau, hidden deep in the woods two miles north of the Bay of Fundy.  At the Chateau he spent his time painting magnificent oils of Native American Warriors, Canadian scenery and Gray Wolf.

Vincent would prove his devotion to the lifeless body found on his shore, the wife of Jack Smith.  His dedication to protect humanity would intensify as he stepped into the world of keepers.  Vincent’s legal genius, warrior legacy and ethics could not be met or compromised.  This keeper was as formidable as the Black Ops membership.

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