Hire Teri Raes

Today I was shopping for a birthday card for my son. As I read through the “few”
choices from two major card companies none of the choices of verses touched the unique
relationship or the bridge of life my son is crossing. I thought…I could write this card
better than the choices. Yes, the cards have “artwork”, color schemes; if you depress the
card you may find cute animal sounds, or popular antic of the passing culture. The
special message that is unique and individual from me to my son could not be found in
the script of any card.

Once again, without the special effects, I chose to write my own message to my
son. I can fold it into fourths place it into a colorful envelope and if I want download art
work. Yet the message in the card will remain with him while we are in this place in life
and beyond.

On another note; most and many are fortunate to have four legged; two legged,
leaping legs, or those swimming in a protected bowl or tank. Never-the- less, we connect
with them, and they give us life.

When we have to make the difficult decision to send our four legged, two legged,
leaping and swimming ones to the other plane it is never easy. At most veterinarian
offices they give you the “rainbow” poem. There are cards few, that express the loss of
our pet/family members. Would it not be nice to receive verses that encapsulate the
relationship/time experience of the history with that beloved? I have written those verses
identified by name expressing every exceptional points of the loving relationship.

Writing letters….you know what you want to say, the affects, impression,
aggregation, love, appreciation… Regardless of your experience, education, desires or
goals, to write a letter whether it be of complaint for services not provided, charges not
warranted, gratitude or an expression of love. I can be your voice, articulate, passionate,
and professional, an advocate, or disgruntled customer.

You are a musician. The music of your creation is intended to reach a specific
genre. In your soul you know the words but it is not natural as putting notes to page.
Expression is enhanced on many levels. I have written lyrics for many artists.
Whether you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary or fortieth what you
feel, what you see only in their eyes has only one voice. For my parent’s fortieth
anniversary not only did I write a poem I hired a musician to write the song. That
moment in time was everlasting.

From Term Papers to Thesis regardless the topic I assisted high school and
college students through the process from topic through editing. As equal, writing poetry
assignments through book reports.

You want to create a website. This website is the culmination of your work,
dreams. You have a winning product/message, and your creation stands separate and is
exceptional. There are tools needed to elevate bringing results. There are tools that will
set your work apart. What you need is Search Engine Optimization which is the driving
success of every site. I have that ability. My personal website receives one thousand
legitimate views daily. What makes my site successful is my web designer/advocate.
Separate and together we can imprint your site for growth and advancement.
The path you have chosen is to be a writer; a writer of poetry, short stories, and
novels. You want someone to help you edit your work. I will be your advocate and

I have written seven novels. Writing late at night, getting four, five hours of sleep
juggling being a mother, teacher, corporate financial manager, communications manager,
trainer, advocate, daughter, sister, aunt, and author.

In my career I have changed policies, procedures, was the voice for those whose
voices did not have words. My words have left everlasting imprints in song, poetry,
cards folded in only verse no pictures were necessary.

What a writer can create, will attract, imprint, and bring together words to music,
verse to page, term papers and theses to fruition. A writer will give voice, passion,
emotion, facts, truths, acknowledgement, praise, devotion and legitimate focus to life.
When my mother and father passed the endless cards received were deeply
appreciated. Then there were cards I wished I had written before that devastating time.
Although I told them in my words, I wanted those words forever written, not just in my
mind or soul but shared. I wanted the world to know the eternal gifts they had given to
their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Truth needed to be told of their
devotion to life, sacrifices, as the reason generations are because of them.

Every family needs to know in life, purpose and beyond the reason they love the
foods, colors, movies, jokes, choices made. Families need to have a voice. I can and
have illustrated those nuisances for the diverse families that impact generations.
All choices and purposes resounds in life experiences whether that reflection is in
work, poetry, lyrics, letters, education, creative, desire, pleasure, appreciation, sorrow,
advocacy or receiving justification. A writer can assist on every path, journey, creation,
recreation, to make words flow.

I am Teri Raes and I can take you there.