Q: Have you ever thought about writing fiction comedy?A: (Smile), there is comedy in my novels but I will never rule out any genre.

Q: Have you ever thought about writing an autobiography?

A: (Laughing), I am fifty-three, hope there are many more years before I tackle that one. As it stands, there are too many names I would have to change to protect my privacy.”

Q: What is your inspiration?

A: The complete innate joy of writing.

Q: When did you know you were a writer?

A: I still don’t know but I try hard.

Q: Has one person inspired you?

A: Yes. These novels would not have come into creation without him. Once in a lifetime an individual touches your life leaving a profound imprint. The person who inspired and inspires me is Rex Smith.

Q: How much is based on imagination and how much is based on conspiracy theories?

A: (Good question). The premise of Global control is based entirely on research. My imagination kicks in when creating fictitious characters that parallel the real villains.

Q: Where did you first get your conspiracy theory?

A: (Like this question). All my life I was not satisfied to take anything at face value. It was my nature to delve deeper and look at both sides of any issue. Instinctively as a child I knew the Viet Nam War was more than protecting Democracy. Growing up with phrases like “gorilla warfare”, reports of Kent State Massacre, ignited my purpose to find the root cause.

Q: How old were you when you first wanted to write?

A: (Smile). I wrote my first story at the age of seven. At the age of ten I read “Wuthering Heights” and knew that words were power, an impetus of continued wealth.

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: There are many. The first, who comes to mind, is Ernest Hemingway. Edgar Allen Poe is another genius. Emily Bronte of course, F. Scott Fitzgerald just to name a few.

Q: When you sit at your computer do you ever have a difficult time coming up with ideas?

A: Honestly there are at any given time three novels running wild in my mind.

Q: What tools assist in the writing process?

A: I have to play music loudly. Music filters out distraction it also serves to create and heighten every scene. Personally, it is important to work out daily. Exercise increases my level of attention and memory. Also I meditate daily. Meditation adds focus simultaneously relaxing my mind. The one “tool” I cannot live without, natural spring water, I consume several bottles daily.

Q: Why did you trade a secure career path to follow a dream where there are no guarantees?

A: (Exhale), All my life it has been my “dream” to write novels, which inspire, evoke thought and educate. As for guarantees, there are few guarantees in life. If you have the courage to follow your dreams, everything is possible.

Q: The characters in these books, Holocaust survivors, Priest, CIA Agents, and Native American Human Rights Attorney. Are any of these characters based on real life individuals?

A: (Laughing), Yes. Some of these individuals have personal, physical, emotional traits of friends, family members and unique personalities I have known.

Q: What does writing give to you, to your life?

A: Everything. Writing is a constant, evolving process of learning. A writer spends hours researching. Research expands your mind and senses. To create is the greatest form of freedom. A writer constantly observes and puts to memory nuances that others might cast off as ordinary.

Q: You are a true extrovert. How does an extrovert find the discipline to become an introvert? To write novels you must spend a good time alone.

A: I am an extrovert. I guess you could categorize me as a functioning dichotomy.

Q: A functioning dichotomy. Does that affect your social life?

A: Yes it has in certain respects. Yet at the same time, the ability to write has saved my soul in many ways. In the most challenging or contrasting times especially in the past year, writing gave me inner-strength and support.

Q: The character of Shanon McNally has red hair and green eyes. Are you Shanon?

A: (Laughing), No. When I was a child and teen I hated having red hair. My grandmother Raes was also a redhead. For years she tried to convince me of the benefits. She passed away a few years ago. My character has red hair. This was my way of telling my grandmother “I get it.”.

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