Fibromyalgia/Rheumatoid Arthritis How I Beat These “Dis-eases”

I realize this title is both a bold statement and one that immediately evokes disbelief, especially if your body is being ravaged daily by either of these dominant nemeses.  First and foremost I am not a physician, nurse, physician’s assistant or holistic healer.  The practices I employed were of my choice.  Please note these processes are not published, proven, practices.  Decisions I made went directly against the advice of my physician and rheumatologist.  With the disclaimer out of the way, I will proceed.

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with a relatively unknown condition known as Fibromyalgia.  This diagnosis came after a year of debilitating pain throughout every part of my body.  It is the theory Fibromyalgia is caused from severe trauma, either physical or emotional.  I had not experienced severe emotional trauma in my life.  However I did not have to look back far to find the answer, a year earlier I had given birth to my second son.  What should have been a natural occurrence became a nightmare in hell.

I was forty-one years old when my second son was born.  Yes, I chose to be a mother late in life.  At forty-one, in excellent physical condition, with a demanding career and seven year old son, my world was good.  On November 17th, 1998 I checked into the hospital for a second caesarean birth.  Here is where the snafu took seed.  My physician notified the Insurance Company of the upcoming caesarean birth.  The Insurance Company would not cover the surgery unless all efforts were first made to deliver my son through the natural process.  To my doctor’s angst and wisdom, he argued stating I was not physically able to deliver a child naturally even if the child weighed only two pounds.  The Insurance Company won the battle and I lost.

After two days of incredible measures that should never have been implemented on any human being.  I was rushed into surgery for an emergency caesarean.  My son was purple from head to toe.  This gorgeous little boy looked like a grape.  I forgot to mention I almost died.  The good news my son is healthy, strong, and a deliberate teen.

From the moment I left the hospital for the next three years, my body once lean strong and healthy began to break down.  Through the first year of x-rays, exams and blood tests, it was discovered one disc in my back was missing.  Pushing a child into ones spine for two days can cause damage.

Welcome to Fibromyalgia, severe physical trauma.  Fortunately, I am allergic to most medications.  My body may have been broken but my mind still functioned.  At the time the only medication to alleviate the pain, one I was not allergic to was prescribed, Darvocet.  Darvocet masked the pain for a few hours in doing so, I was too “relaxed/numb” to function.  After taking less than one prescription, the rest went into the garbage disposal.

Basically, I was on my own.  As the pain intensified, frustration became my constant companion.  With Fibromyalgia, there is no rest.  Sleep deprivation, frustration, fear, loss of control are bedfellows that will not allow your body to heal.  I was prisoner to a body that once walked upright, danced, juggled career, children, home, laughed and loved life.

The most debilitating trait of the “dis-ease”, was loss of freedom and control.  The worse you felt, the less you slept.  The less you slept the worse you felt.  Lifting my infant, then toddler sent my body into electrifying shock, as burning, throbbing pain robbed the joy of my life.

Two years following the initial diagnosis of Fibro, Rheumatoid Arthritis entered.  Both of which are immune disorders.  I was referred to a Rheumatologist.  Again there were additional x-rays, blood tests, and examinations to confirm my physician’s initial diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Remember, my body was broken but not my mind.  After the first visit with my Rheumatologist I was given seventeen prescriptions.  Medications scare the hell out of me.  Of course I know some are necessary at the same time too many are prescribed.  I shuffled home then turned on my computer.  After researching every medication, with all the side affects attached to each pill,  having the “dis-eases” were of less consequence.

Honestly, I was fortunate in that I never battled weight.  At five feet four, I was always thin.  Fortunately, from the time I was a very young child I studied dance.  Dancing kept me in great physical condition at the same time released stress and increased energy.  My physicians and specialists concurred, a lifetime of dance helped me to fight these disorders.

When one is not active, when any and all movement results in constant pain even the fit body will shut down.  For the first time in my life, I gained weight.  With muscle atrophy (non use of muscles), the body does not burn calories worse muscles break down.  The consequence was another plethora of medications to combat a sedentary body, medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I took the medication for high blood pressure.  Isn’t it amazing how a physician’s biased spin can put the fear of death into you?  Still I played the game front and center at every required appointment.  Each time more tests given, each time I would fill  prescriptions, research side affects and throw away the medication.

The turning point came.    My physicians informed me within six months I would be in a wheel chair.  Next the treat of heart disease would increase substantially. Instead of succumbing to my body, I decided to challenge it.  None of the tactics and advice given felt right to my being.  Now I will share what I changed in my life that brought strength, health and the ultimate cure to my body.

Step 1:  Every morning when I awoke regardless of the sleepless night I took inventory of what did not hurt, for example:  My hair feels good today.  My ears feel good today.  My eyes see clearly.  I like my nose.

Step 2:  Stress, fear and anxiety need to cease.  Those who (I am going to be very direct) suck my will to live I walked away from.  Yes, that meant friends and family members.  This step was not simple but the benefits were immeasurable.  No more did the weight of unnecessary stress infuse power to set my nervous system and muscles to have a war on my body, mind, and  soul.

Step 3:  I began working out.  Yes, working out slowly.  Remember a lifetime of dancing left me fit, calm, and stress free.  Of course I did not grab my ballet shoes and dance Swan Lake.   I found a workout that did not challenge my joints yet at the same time strengthened my muscles.  I use and used Leslie Sansone Walk At Home videos, five minutes a day, three times a week.  The “beginners” workout was perfect.  Today I work out up to five miles a day, six days a week.

Step 4:  Meditation.  I know this sound strange to some to others not so strange.  Meditation takes practice.  It is a process of quieting the mind and becoming one with the healing of the universe.  When the mind spends fifteen minutes in a state of complete relaxation the benefits to the body are immeasurable.  It also helps to keep you from wanting to harm people.

Step 5:  I chose to rid my body of all processed foods.  Honestly it was not difficult.   I was never a fast food person but from time to time it was convenient.  There are healthy choices if your schedule does not permit home made meals.  Also, very important!  I do not, never did, never will consume “diet” drinks or fat free foods.  The chemicals in those foods will do more harm to your body than being a few pounds over weight.

Step 6:  Drink pure, clean water.  I drink and cook with only bottled water.  In fact, I give my dogs and cats  bottled water.  There are too many chemicals in local water supplies that infect the body.  To cleanse the body of toxins I drink at least eight twenty-ounce bottles a day.

Step 7: A massage.  For two years I received a massage once a week.  A licensed masseuse will break down all the knots in your body.  Those knots impede movement and are the source of  constant pain.  Yes it hurts so good but you will be amazed and renewed by the freedom of movement.  Moving without thinking how to protect and thwart the pain.

Step 8:  I love to read.  Those who do not love to read I recommend one book that changed my life and walked me to freedom.   “Ask And It Is Given”.

Step 9:  Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins.  We cannot consume enough food nor should we to nourish our bodies.  Each morning I take one good quality/natural multivitamin, a thousand milligrams of Salmon oil, one hundred milligrams of coated garlic, twenty-five milligrams of COQ10 (this is for the heart), and one thousand milligrams of Ester C (Vitamin C).  Salmon oil nourishes joints, keeps eyes from being dry.  Garlic, enhances the immune system and fights arthritis.  Vitamin C also gives the immune system a boost as well as helps muscles and joints.  In the evening I take, another Salmon oil, coated garlic, B-100, another thousand milligrams of Ester C and the gem of all gems, Resveratrol 100.  Remember Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis are both immune disorder  “dis-eases”.  When you combat those diseases with vitamins, you raise the immune system.  It begins to fight.

I have been “dis-ease” free for ten years.  The only medication I take is for allergies.  At the age of fifty-four, I do not need high blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication.  I am five feet four and wear a size two.  I choose to workout at five a.m. six days a week because it feels good. There is no pain in my body ever!  I control my body.  No longer am I at the mercy of “dis-ease”.

I do not deny my body.  I learned to listen closely.  I do not “diet” but choose healthy foods.  At the same time I do not allow anyone to “suck my will to live”.  I choose to expand and grow being the best I can be.  Yes I had to be “selfish”.  I am healthy against the experts’ diagnosis.   I am not in a wheel chair.  I dance, laugh, write, juggle constantly every role.  Although I can no longer lift my youngest son, he is taller and weighs more.  My sons did not see me in a wheel chair.

I was not saved.  I chose to fight.  I chose health.  I am not superior to those with these diseases.  My cousin died from Fibro and RA, another friend also died from these diseases.  It is my sincere wish, that every one who reads this blog will be motivated to find their steps to health.  I would not change one moment in my life.  You see nothing ever happens by mistake and everything is for our greater good.  Remember everything is possible.  We are only limited by our thoughts.

If you need further confirmation of how to triumph over Fibromyalgia take a moment to visit Everyday Connection. You can be free of this “dis-ease”

If you have questions contact me.  I send you love, light, peace and blessings.
Teri Raes

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