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TeriWelcome to “The Lighthouse Keeper Series” web page. After a twenty-year diverse, engaging, career in the field of Telecommunications the time had come for change. This exciting and challenging career provided financial security as the ability to employ a unique genre of creative writing. As fulfilling and stimulating utilizing these tools, my dream of writing novels was not realized.

Four years ago a long-time friend suggested I return to writing novels. I had not written a novel in many years (that body of work, waits in my desk drawer for renewed attention). The following day I was in front of my computer. The first novel in the series took flight. The innate passion of my life was reborn. It was my plan to write one thought-provoking novel until the same friend suggested a second novel. Now there are seven in the series.

I have four lovely dogs that sleep or play in my office as I work. Two of these little beasts are Yorkshire Terriers, Sammy and Chloe the other miniature dachshunds, Mercedes, Jack Daniels and Miles Davis Daniels.

The additional passions of my life is working out each morning, meditating each afternoon and the gift of laughter. All of which are necessary when I sit in front of the computer and create “Political Thrillers”. I neglected to mention my manic consumption of six to eight bottles of spring water daily.

Thank you for exploring “The Lighthouse Keeper Series”. It is true, “Nothing in this world ever happens by mistake”,

If you want to listen to my interview on “Everyday Connections” here are the links Http://blogtalkradio.com/everydayconnection/2014/05/22/teri-raes

This is an amazing format of positive experience with hosts Richard Shields and the brilliant author Niki Norlock.

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