Lighthouse Keeper IV


“Lighthouse Keeper IV – To Survive”

Ezra and Eliza Rosenbaum, Niles Spencer, Ira Weitz, Sally McIntosh, Captain Craig Schaffer, and Paul Gregory, taken in sacrifice and honor.  All shared the embodiment of distinction.  These heroes of humanity would never be emblazoned upon a wall of memorial.  Nor will history remember their magnificent achievements or benevolent souls.

There was no apocalyptical fallout after the truth was revealed.  Was those heroic lives sacrificed, did they fall in vein?  The world was spiraling into an abyss of Abu Ghriab, Guantanamo Torture, dismantling of the constitution, perpetual war, soaring gas prices.  The citizens were controlled by and held toxic prisoner to Pharmaceutical Companies. 

Three years of battles, funerals, and moral sacrifice came to point when the infamous microchip was delivered to the General Assembly of the United Nations.  In a covert operation, a group of four infiltrated the United Nations building.  Dr. Rodney Keenan, assistant to Dr. Bradshaw stood at the podium for thirty minutes with proof of weaponize plague broadcasted upon the screens. 

Steve Rybek, former head of CIA with, Agent Jesse Niles cleared the way for Dr. Keenan’s speech.  Shanon Smith took her place in the tunnel watching for Marines who guarded the premise.  Jack was taken by private plane to Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles hours before the mission.   He suffered a stroke, complications from a brain injury suffered in an explosion of his creation. 

The group completed their objective and made their way out of the tunnels and out of New York City.  Jesse left the group in New Jersey.  Steve, Rodney and Shanon boarded the private jet on a secluded strip north of Teterboro Airport.  Steve discovered the pilot’s body.  An agent from Homeland was waiting on the plane.  In an act of self-defense, Steve shot and killed the agent while sustaining a severe gunshot to his shoulder.

Shanon secured a rental car then drove the group directly to Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.  Reunited with Jack who was recovering from surgery the warriors believed their mission was over.   Steve disappeared to Mexico.  Rodney with new identity and credentials returned to Ireland his birth home.  Jack made a remarkable rebound from his stroke.  He and Shanon returned to their home, daughter and son in Malibu. 


They wept with the potency of which they loved.  Neither knew if all the soldiers sacrifice and cost will change the way the world treats its most priceless resource, the human experience.  Deep inside, beneath the scares a glimmer of hope raged on. 

Shanon and Jack would not forget Ezra, Eliza, Niles, Paul and Sally.  There were too many heroes lost.  Each died because they loved more than they despised.

Again forced from their Malibu home Shanon and Jack travel separately across the country to the sanctuary of the hidden tunnels under their home at Seabrook Manor.  To escape false charges, prison or death by Homeland, Steve Rybek devises a plan.  Shanon and Jack Smith would perish in the unforgiving Bay of Fundy.

Madeline and Jack Jr. were safely hidden with their grandparents at the alternate residence in New Brunswick.  Once again former members of Black Ops Corp reunited to ensure mission success.  Steve Rybek, Casey Knudson, Kevin Cooper, Frank Donovan and Rick “Shadow” Sheppard set up in the tunnels of Seabrook.  Tunnels that remained secure and out of reach of satellites.

In the tunnel Shanon and Jack went into the gunroom stripped to under clothes and slipped into the wet suits then put their clothes on over the wet suit.  Jack equipped Shanon with one more piece of clothing, a bulletproof vest.  “Shanon the men coming as the others, are trained killers.  You need to wear this for me and our children.”

Shanon looked into his eyes.  A smile she forced from her mouth.  As the time drew near she was nervous.  Shanon knew the best of the best were here to help them.  Still she worried about Jack.

“I will gladly wear this Jack.”

“Jack!  Steve!”  Frank called.

All moved into the main tunnel. Frank turned in his chair as the group stood in attention. “It is coming down tonight in about two hours.”  He said pulling the headphones from his ears and dropping them on the desk. 

“I’m going to the boat and plant the C-4.  I will be back soon.  Jack grabbed the C-4 and detonator.  He stopped at the floor safe and pulled out his small black bag for safety measure.  Inside the bag adrenaline shots and morphine, tucking it into his jacket he                  dropped it into his backpack on his way down the tunnel.                           

Shadow grabbed his jacket and radio.  “I’m going to the lighthouse.” 

Shanon walked over to Shadow and took his hand.  “Thank you does not seem enough.”

“No need for thanks Shanon.  Next time we will be at your new home having one of your wonderful meals together.  He smiled and squeezed her hand.

Kevin picked up an AK-47, ooze and radio.  “I’m heading to my post.  See you all after the fireworks.”  His eyes were intense in the agent mode.  She extended her hand, looking directly into his eyes. 

“Kevin, thank you.  Be safe.”

“Know I will Sunshine.  I will see you again soon.”

Steve picked up his radio as well as two assault rifles, rounds and handgun.  Shanon hugged him.  “Little bird, you and Jack will be free.  Soon, we will be resting on a beach.  He needs you Shanon.  Don’t take any chances.”

“I won’t Steve, not this time.”

Shanon led Frank into the house and to the bedroom where she and Jack slept.  In the dark he set up his guns then placed his radio on the windowsill. 

“Frank, I’m going back to the tunnel.  Take care of yourself Frank.”

Frank placed his large hand on her forearm.  “Jack has been my friend for longer than I dare remember.  I never had a commander I respected more.  Little soldier, take him the hell away from here.”

Shanon touched his hand.  “I will Frank.  My husband is the most fortunate of all.  Every member of this group is one in a million.  The respect you show the sacrifice you made touches my soul.  I will not forget.”

Shanon walked into the tunnel.  Casey was stationed at the computer watching the cameras, listening for communication.  Shanon sat on the chair next to Casey.

“Don’t worry Shanon this will be over soon.  Like Steve said, we will all be on a beach together pushing back a few.”

“I’m not worried Casey.  Jack and I have an army of angels watching our back, front and in between.”  Shanon smiled.  The sound of steps coming down the tunnel turned their heads. 

“I see all are in their designated positions.  Casey will you do a radio check?  Tell them to stay off unless they spot the target.”  Jack was prepared his mind clear.

Jack took Shanon’s arm and led her into the gunroom.  “The boat is ready.  The water temp is about forty degrees.  Once we leave the boat I want you to stay next to me.  The wet suits will keep our bodies dry but we will have to move as fast as we can swim.  Even with gloves our faces and feet will reach frostbite stage quickly.”

“We will be fine Jack.”  Shanon smiled a feeling of safety lived in her spirit.

“We will Shanon.”  Jack smiled his brightest smile believing the madness was finally going to end.  He pulled a large hunting knife and ankle holster from the cabinet and strapped it to his right ankle covering it with his wet suit.  He removed his shirt then unzipped his wet suit and placed a shoulder holster on with his nine millimeter tucked under his left arm. 

In the main tunnel Shanon draped each bag from her shoulder.  She checked her gun and placed it in the front of her jeans. 

“Jack all radios are working everyone has confirmed.”  Casey said still watching the monitors. 

“Jack, look, isn’t it too late for a farmer’s truck?  It is slowing down on the highway out front.” 

Jack moved to the monitor.  He picked up the radio.  “Frank heads up.”

Shanon stared at the monitor as the truck stopped short at the base of their driveway.

“In my sights Jack.”  Frank confirmed.

“Jack, the woods look something is moving.”  Shanon said calmly.

Jack turned his head and studied the woods near the lighthouse entrance.  “I see it Shanon that is not a four legged predator.  Kevin your way, a hundred feet west.”  Jack softly spoke.

“There are four exiting the truck.  They are not farmers.”  Casey said with complete composure.

“Everyone four in front, movement west of the Lighthouse, they are early.  Do not… I repeat, do not discharge until I give the order.”  Jack spoke into the radio watching the cameras. 

“Two vessels by sea.”  Shadow’s voice broke over the radio.

“Two more the same from North.” Steve answered.

Shanon’s heart began to race. 

Jack raised the radio to his mouth.  “Gentlemen wait, let them come to us, no surprises.”

Casey began typing on the computer.  “There I got you assholes.  There are four in the west woods.”

“Four in west woods, four moving to house.”  Jack relayed on the radio. 

“Two each, two cigar boats North, docking.”  Steve answered.

“Closest in proximity to north, say when.”  Jack returned to Steve.

“There is time.” Steve replied.

“Confirm two cigar boats Lighthouse, each two.” Shadow whispered over the radio.

“Sixteen on board everyone.”  Jack answered.

“Oh Shit, four became eight in the west woods about fifty feet from lighthouse.”  Casey pulled up camera four.

“Eight in west woods, twenty-four total.  North, stat on location.”

“Need to move now.”  Steve answered.

“Take your shots now!”  Jack commanded.

Steve focused his sights.  The first occupants of the boat were twenty feet from him the other two were still on the beach.  Steve aimed at the chest of the man in his sights.  His finger began to squeeze the trigger as shots rang out from above.  Frank began firing on the men in the front yard taking down two, as two disappeared into the woods, right side of the property.

“Two are down from front, two on the loose, not finding them in my sights.”  Frank reported.

Steve fired his shots eliminating the first two.  The second group of two dropped on the beach and rushed to the rock wall. Steve jumped from behind the tree firing.  He felt the sting of the bullet as it passed through his shoulder.  He continued firing.  All on the North beach were extinguished.

Steve moved to the house.  Turning up his senses he listened and smelled the slight wind trying to find two who escaped Frank’s gun.  Frank grabbed his gun and rushed down the stairs. His eyes centered on the front door.  It was still secure.

An explosion rocked the bay.  “Two less cigar boats in the waters.  No movement from the boats.”  Shadow relayed smiling.  It was too easy he thought setting his sights on the gas tanks in each boat and firing. 

Frank moved to the back door.  Standing back he released the lock and peered through the doors.  He saw Steve moving to the patio.  Carefully he stepped out and crouched to the ground.  Steve motioned for him to move to the corner of the house.

Shadow raced down the lighthouse stairs.  He could hear Kevin’s shots.  “There’s more in the west woods, I see six.  Jack said over the radio.  Steve and Frank moved to the east side of the house.  Steve touched Franks arm.  He pulled out a glitter light and tossed it into the air, illuminating the sky and the area around them. 

The targets were only feet from them.  Both opened fire as the enemy returned fire.  Frank went down still firing taking one with him.  Steve rushed the other and won that battle.

“Frank, are you alright?”  Steve rushed over Frank was holding his thigh.

“I’m fine took one in the thigh.”

“Let me help you back to the tunnel.” Steve said wrapping his hands under Frank’s massive chest.  “You know you could lose a pound or two.”  Steve said wrapping Frank’s arm around his neck and guiding him into the house.

“Casey, stay here and watch.  Come with me Shanon we need to help Kevin.”  Jack grabbed an assault riffle pushed the radio into his jacket.  He took Shanon’s arm and they ran down the tunnel. 

Shadow, pushed open the lighthouse door and began shooting.  Jack opened the last tunnel door moving Shanon behind him.  He saw Kevin behind the door shooting.  “Stay here Shanon.”  He looked at her with eyes pleading.

She shook her head in agreement pulling the gun from her waste.  Jack bolted to the stairs, released the trap door and rushed up to the lighthouse.  Shadow, kept shooting hoping the person behind him was not the enemy. 

Jack moved to the opposite side of the door and returned fire.  “How many are down Shadow?”

“I think four Jack.  I could not get a target up there, they are too close.”

Shanon stood in the tunnel doorway, anxious watching Kevin fire repeatedly.  He moved inside and shoved another magazine into his gun.  He looked at Shanon for an instant.  Steve assisted Frank to the cot.  He pulled a sheet off the bed and made a tourniquet on Frank’s wound. 

“What is going on Casey?”

“Kevin, Jack and Shadow are boxed in.”

“Where is Shanon?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m going up top and work my way to the lighthouse and take out some of these bastards.”

“You are wounded Steve.”  Frank answered.

“Yea but it went through.”  Steve strapped on the ooze, and pulled the .500 Smith and Wesson Magnum from his bag then disappeared from the tunnel.  

Shanon’s ears were ringing as the exploding shells crashed against the lighthouse doors.  Kevin slid back inside dropped one magazine and shoved another in its place.  She could see it was his last magazine.  Turning she raced back down the tunnel closing each door behind her.  Rushing into the main room she saw Frank nursing his leg.  She grabbed a duffle bag and filled it with four additional magazines. 

“Shanon, Steve is on his way to the lighthouse through the yard. He will be the odds breaker.”  Casey assured her.

Jack and Shadow were emptying their guns still it appeared there were at least six outside.  “Shadow, I’m going up top.  Can you hold them back?”  Jack asked still firing his gun.

“Go Jack”.

Steve was in the open area between the house and the lighthouse.  He could see gun exchange from the woods.  He counted five individuals.  Staying low to the ground he moved in the darkness escaping the lighthouse beam. 

Shanon was racing to the lighthouse as Jack raced to her.  “What are you doing Shanon?”

“Kevin is almost out of shells.” 

“Stay in the doorway.  I’m going up top they have us pinned down.”

“Be careful Jack.” 

“Don’t worry.  I’m not going to leave you.”

Shanon rushed to the last doorway.  Carefully opening the door she crawled to Kevin and began reloading his assault rifle while he fired the AK-47

“Thank you Shanon, stay back, they are closing in on us.”

Shanon slid away from the door and crawled through the trap door into the lighthouse.  Shadow was leaning against the inside wall shooting with one hand, the other hand dripping with blood from a seeping hole in the center of his left hand. 

Shanon crawled across the floor past Shadow, pulling a towel from the sink.  Still on her knees she moved around Shadow.  “Let me wrap your hand Shadow, you are bleeding profusely.” 

“Can’t Shanon, please stay down.” 

Shanon looked at Shadow’s face.  He was pale. Shanon rose to her feet, pulling the gun from her jeans.  She began firing, reaching over she pulled the lever turning off the lighthouse beam. 

A pool of blood filled the floorboards.  Shadow dropped to his knees, fighting to stay alert, still firing.  Shanon pulled the AK from his hand as rage filled her mind.  She saw two figures rushing to the lighthouse. 

“NO!!!!!!!!!”  She yelled stepping from the security of the wall into the doorway locking her hand on the trigger as a multiple shots exploded from the gun.  One was cut down.  The other kept coming into the line of fire. 

Steve saw the beam go dark.  He stood up running to the lighthouse.  He sensed someone coming upon him.  Turning and pointing his gun in a glimmer from the moon he saw Jack.

“Let’s get the bastards.  Shadow and Kevin are pinned down!”  Jack yelled above the gunfire.

Jack moved to the woods in a westward angle.  Steve continued forward.  Jack saw three moving to the lighthouse door.  To his horror he saw Shanon firing from the doorway.  His heart raced to his throat, adrenaline burst through his body.  He ran with the speed of a gazelle with gun blazing.  At that same moment Steve saw Shanon and two racing to her in a hail of bullets.

From the corner of her eye she saw the ooze at Shadow’s feet.  With the speed of light she slipped down and pulled back the lock she began firing moving the gun vertically.  “Jesus Christ, they are wearing vests!”  She dropped her aim to the lower body. 

Jack pulled out his Smith and Wesson Magnum in his other hand the ooze.  He sprayed fire like a madman fighting his final battle.  Two men only feet from Shanon were hit, their bodies propelled into the air.  Steve cut down two rushing from the woods toward Jack. 

Shanon slid against the wall and to Shadow who was now unconscious.  Placing her gun on the floor she grabbed the towel wrapping it around his hand.  She heard the sound of a gun being cocked.  Turning a masked man stood inches from her with his gun pointed to her head.  Still breathless from firing, she looked into his eyes her face froze.

The sound of a shot rang through the air.  The gunman’s head flew back as blood splattered in her face.  Looking over her shoulder, Kevin stood holding his aim to the door. 

“Come on Shanon!”  He yelled holding out his hand. 

She reached down and grabbed Shadow’s collar.  With all her might she drug him from the doorway and to the opening of the trap door.

An eerie quiet stole the night.  Jack burst through the lighthouse door, jumping the deceased man rushing to Shanon.  She stood up.  He saw blood in her hair and on her face his eyes rounded in horror.

“It’s not my blood.”  She whispered rushing to him. 

“I told you to say in the tunnel.”

“I’m sorry Jack.  I had to help.”  Her eyes glazed with moisture.

Jack kissed her lips.  “Go back to the tunnel please.”

“We need to get Shadow in the tunnel.” She answered.

Kevin was standing watch at the trapdoor.  “He’s lost a lot of blood Jack.”

Jack pulled his bag from Shanon’s shoulder, opened it revealing the small black bag.  He pulled a syringe from the bag and pushed it into Shadow’s thigh.  In moments Shadows eyes were open. 

“Shit Jack she is a flipping warrior.”  Shadow smiled. 

Jack opened a prescription bottle and shoved a pill down his mouth.  “Swallow Shadow and your pain will be gone.  Kevin you and Shanon take Shadow to Casey.  He knows what to do.”

“Where are you going Jack?”  Shanon asked grabbing his arm. 

“To make sure we got all of them.  I will be back soon then we will be off.”  Jack smiled and kissed her cheek. 

Steve walked in, stopping to remove the mask from a dead man outside the lighthouse.  Jack walked over and looked down at the man’s face.  “Looks Russian to me, Russian hit man, they spared no expense.”  Jack shook his head.

Steve pulled his radio from his pocket.  Shanon noticed his shoulder was bleeding. 

“Steve you’ve been shot!”  She started walking to him.

“I’m fine little bird.  Casey, come back.”

“Here Steve, go ahead.”

“Is there any movement on the cameras Casey?”

“No.  All is quiet on the eastern front.”

“A comedian, we don’t need a comedian.  Bringing you in one to look at, Kevin will watch the cameras.  Jack and I will do clean up.”

Jack zipped up the black bag and returned it to his pack.  He kissed Shanon’s head then disappeared into the night with Steve.

Shanon and Kevin assisted Shadow to the main tunnel.  Casey pulled out his bag and began working on both Frank and Shadow.  Shanon watched in amazement.  Casey worked like a surgeon administering shots, cleaning woods, removing bullets and stitching up wounds.   Shanon gave each water and comfort. 

Shadow was numb on the pain medication Jack gave him and energized from the adrenaline shot.  “You know guys; you should have seen her work.  She held that AK as if it were weightless and never stopped firing.  I know she got at least two.”

Frank laughed.  “Look who trained the little bird?”

Steve and Jack entered the tunnel through the library doors.  Casey looked at Steve.  “Come on you are next.”

“How is everyone doing?”  Jack asked looking at the wounded on the cots.

“We are fine Jack my friend.  Your wife was top, top, top, up there.  You trained her well.”  Shadow said holding up his thumb.

Jack smiled.  “Too bad I cannot teach her to listen.”

“Even you can’t cage this little bird Jack.”  Shadow added.

“That is the truest statement ever spoke Shadow.” Jack walked over and shook his hand then touched his head.  “Thank you my man we will see you again soon.  We need to get to the other side.”

“On the beach Jack we will see you both on the beach.”

Shanon walked over then kissed Shadow’s head.  “On the beach Shadow, we will see you on a sunny beach.”  She smiled then walked to Frank.  He reached up and took her hand. 

“Frank, thank you.”  She bent down and kissed his head as well.

“Pretty little bird, make sure you take care of your self.” 

Jack shook his hand then tapped his shoulder.  “Rest here Frank.”

Shanon hugged Casey.  “You are amazing Casey, take care.”

“On the beach Shanon.”  Casey smiled touching her shoulder.

Jack embraced Casey.  “Take care of these mutts.”

Jack walked to Steve.  Steve extended his hand.  Jack grabbed his hand.  “I would not have made it here without you my friend.  I will be in touch within forty eight hours.”

“Get out of here.” Steve grinned.

Shanon wrapped her thin arms around Steve’s neck then kissed his cheek.  “Thank you for bringing him home.”  She whispered.  He put his hand on her back then kissed her cheek. 

“Anything for you Shanon.”  He smiled. 

Jack embraced Kevin.  “I owe you my friend.”

“No Jack you don’t own anyone anything.  We came for you.  We came for that pretty one at your side.” Kevin smiled.

Shanon grabbed Kevin’s shirt then kissed his cheek taking him off balance.  “Touché Shanon Smith.”

Jack and Shanon left the lighthouse.  He took his pack from her shoulder and draped it around his back taking her hand.  He started the engine, and then pulled the detonator from his bag.  He looked into her angel eyes.  “Let’s go get our kids my love.”

Shanon wrapped her arms around his neck.  He lifted her up into his arms and kissed her with all the love in his soul.

“I want my babies back.”  Shanon smiled touching his magnificent face.  Jack removed the rope from the dock and turned the boat to Nova Scotia.

Frank looked at the camera facing the Bay his face froze.  “Oh shit!”

Steve looked at Frank, Kevin raced to the camera.  “Steve, they are in trouble there is another boat!

Steve jumped to his feet, picking up the RPG launcher and two oozes running to the lighthouse. Kevin and Casey grabbed the AK’s.

Jack was approaching the middle of the Bay.  Shanon focused on the tiny lights on the other side.  Peace and joy filled her heart.  Standing next to Jack her hand in his arm as he piloted the boat. 

“Once we get to the middle, we will climb down the side and swim away as fast as we can.  When we are clear of the boat I will detonate the explosives and we will be…”

Shots rang out.   Shanon looked to Jack in disbelief as a hot rod exploded in her thigh.  His eyes widened.  Shanon dropped to the ground.  Another shot penetrated the air.  Shanon felt her left shoulder separate from her body.  Jack pulled his Magnum from his pants and began firing into the darkness.  Shanon looked up.  She watched his body jolt to one side as blood spewed from his collarbone.  Fighting to stand she pulled her body up.

“NO!”  Jack pushed her back to the floor of the boat.  He pressed the lever forward racing the boat.  Gunshots ripped into the boat.  Shanon watched helplessly as another bullet penetrated Jack’s shoulder. 

Steve reached the beach with Kevin and Casey at his side.  Positioning the RPG launcher to his shoulder he fired on the boat pursuing Jack and Shanon.  Casey and Kevin fired their weapons.  A second boat appeared out of the darkness.

An explosion rocked the Bay.  Steve hit his target. 


Steve turned to the east and fired. 

Jack was bleeding from his left shoulder and collarbone.  He pulled Shanon up with his left arm.  “We got to go over now!  I will get you across Shanon.”

“Jack….I can do this Jack.”  Pain gripped her shoulder and thigh.  The warmth from her blood penetrated her wet suit.

Jack ripped off her clothes then his clothes.  Shanon saw the large holes in Jack’s wet suit.  “I’m going first Shanon.”  He propped her up to the side and slid into the freezing water. 

He opened his arms.  “Jump Shanon!” 

Shanon used all her strength to lift her body to the edge, with her left arm anchored to the side of the boat, then slid into his arms. 

“Hold on to me Shanon!”  Jack said his teeth chattering.

A second explosion lit up the sky Steve hit the second target. 

A Saint Bernard out on his nightly stroll began barking incessantly.  The owner walked to the door, looking out for his four-legged companion.  Turning on the motion lights he could not see his dog but heard his agitated bark.  Reaching for his coat and slipping on his boots he grabbed a flashlight and walked into the woods.

“Ben!  Ben!  Here boy!”

Shanon held Jack’s neck trying to kick her legs.  She could feel her left leg kicking but could not tell if her right leg was moving.  Jack forced his arms to move.  Once he reached the beach he could radio for help.  Jack reached inside his wet suit and detonated the boat. 

The dog owner saw the Bay light up as if fireworks were being discharged. He moved deeper into the woods.  His dog was still frantically barking.

Jack pulled Shanon under the water as debris began to drop from the sky.

“Casey, we need to get across the Bay now.  Directly behind the house anchored, on the beach are two boats, get one!”  Steve said trying to see across the Bay.

Surfacing, Shanon gasped for breath.  “We will do this Jack!”  She said as her teeth chattered and body trembled from the arctic waters. 

“Hang on Shanon we are almost there.”  Jack said breathlessly.  Shanon fought to stay conscious, her body and mind were besieged by severe fatigue.

“I know we…are…close…we can…do…this…Jack”

Jack collapsed on the beach.  “Jack, wake up Jack!” 

Shanon crawled to her knees, turning Jack over.  His face was ice cold, his breathing shallow.  Blood was shooting from his shoulder.  She grabbed his collar with her left hand.  “God help me!”  With all her might she pulled him slowly across the beach and to the woods.  She felt faint, dizzy as her body shivered uncontrollably.  “Jack, Jack wake up!  Somebody help me!”  She screamed, pulling him closer to the woods. 

She reached the brush.  With one final surge of energy she pulled him into the brush.  Reaching his ankle she removed his knife from the holster then cut off the left sleeve of her wet suit.  Making a long slit in the seam she tied the ends together then lifted his shoulder and applied a tourniquet.  Crawling she piled brush and dead leaves upon him to warm him.  She looked to the beach and saw the radio. 

“Jack do you hear me?  Jack, please Jack I need you!  She pressed her lips against his, his mouth cold, lifeless.  “I will get help Jack.  Hold on Jack!   I can’t make it without you.”  She looked to the radio and crawled pushing her body with her left arm.  “Help me, someone help me!”  She took a deep breath then pushed her body to stand.  Her head was swimming, her vision blurred. 

“I have to get to the radio.  Please help me get to the radio.  Our children need us!”  The warmth of her tears flowing from her eyes pulled the ice cold from her face.  She fought to take a step.  Excruciating pain seared through her body taking the breath from her lungs.  She fell to her knees, grabbing her right leg.  She felt something protruding through her wet suit.  Crawling to the radio, it seemed miles away.  In reality it was only twenty feet.  Dragging her right leg and arm she pushed her body to the radio. 

“It’s so dark here Jack.  I can see the radio it seems so far Jack.” 

Shanon felt strange warmth on the right side of her body, a liquid warm, it felt good.  “I am close Jack.”  Shanon fell on her face, reaching her fingers out she still could not touch the radio.  Pushing her body forward she gripped the radio.  Lifting it to her mouth she pressed the button.

“Steve, Casey!”

Frank sat up.  He thought he heard Shanon’s voice.  He hopped to the desk and grabbed the radio.

“Come back!”  Frank answered as sound of static broke the silence.

“Help us, we have been shot!  Do you hear me Steve?”

The transmission was broken.  Frank listened closely.  He thought he heard Shanon say they were shot.

“Steve, come back!”

“Frank I’m here.”

“I picked up a transmission from Shanon.  I think she said they had been shot.”

“We are getting one of the boats Frank.  Tell her we are on our way.”

“Shanon!  Shanon!”

“Yes! I hear you!”

“Shanon, Steve is on his way!”

“Are you there?  Help us!” Shanon shouted.

“Damn radio.”  Frank said still listening to static.

Shanon tucked the radio into the front of her wet suit.  She rolled to her back trying to catch her breath.  Her body trembled violently.  Lying on her back she used her left leg to push her to Jack.  When her leg became numb she rolled back to her stomach using her left arm she crawled back to Jack.  She reached his feet and rested.  Fatigue was quickly winning the battle.

In a last effort she pulled her body onto his.  The radio fell out of her wet suit and into the brush.  Her eyes were heavy.  She did not feel pain or cold.  A cloud of peace engulfed her being.  She placed her face next to his cold cheek.  “I’m with you Jack.  You are my life.”  Shanon closed her heavy lids and exhaled.  In the shadows, a hundred feet from where they lie, a presence stood watching, waiting.

Hidden deep in the woods two miles from the Bay of Fundy sat an elegant Chateau.  The country residence was home to Vincent Lebeaux.  Vincent was the only heir to Lebeaux Diamonds and Partner in British Oil.  Vincent preferred the Chateau to the massive estate his parents built in the 1950’s.  The estate he used when engage in business.  It was located in the foothills of Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia.

Vincent became a “business icon” through tried tradition but not by personal choice.  His grandfather Andre founded the diamond mines.  His father, Paul Vincent started British Oil with his partner Oliver Crosby.  Vincent grew up in his grandfather’s shadow and his father’s dreams.  Educated at Harvard University, he received his degree in corporate law.

Reluctantly Vincent followed the footsteps of father’s legacy.  His spirit called him to a life separate than his forefathers.  After the death of his parents he became a philanthropist bestowing wealth and his law background on those forgotten and misused in society.   He supported many numerous Native American tribes, Aids hospice, Homeless Shelters and Women’s Shelters as well as various human rights groups.

Vincent was a gentle soul.  He took shelter in his chateau spending hours painting beautiful oils of Native Americans, Canadian scenery, and the gray wolf.  Vincent mother was born in the Maliseet Tribe quite the contrast from his father, French Canadian heritage.  Vincent’s features were strikingly the mirror image of his mother.  His black large eyes, bronze skin, dark brown hair and high cheek bones came directly from his Native American heritage.  He stood six feet three and lean, like his father.

Vincent kept his hair in a tight ponytail that sat at his collar.  He was poetically handsome and his soft manner and hushed voice attracted more than the wild beasts living on his property.  Women were drawn to him like birds to seed.  Too many times it was his wealth and prestige that drew women to his door.  

Vincent loved one woman in his life.  Laura Bettendorf, a photographer whose passion took her world wide in pursuit of nature’s majesty.  Laura was on a shoot for National Geographic in Africa and was killed by poachers.  Vincent retreated into his art and into the woods.

Vincent believed all his mother’s truths.  She taught him of the spirits as the call of the bird in flight.  Little Raven was his mother’s tribal name but to the white man’s world she was known as Anastasia.  Little Raven taught Vincent to make friends with the gray wolf and the raven as she immersed him into the tribal customs of her ancestors. 

He walked through the woods to his faithful companion’s bark.  “Ben come here boy!” 

The devoted Saint Bernard wound through the woods to his master.  Vincent bent down and stroked his head.  “Something is going on in the Bay.  We will read about it tomorrow, let’s go home Ben.”

Ben placed his mouth around Vincent’s forearm, pulling him to the beach.  “What is wrong Ben?”  Ben barked then tugged on the bottom of his coat.  “Alright, show me what is causing you such distress.”

Ben turned running in full stride.  Vincent raced after him through the woods to the edge where the beach met the wilderness.  Ben ran over to a pile of brush and dropped down.  Vincent shined his flashlight then saw a women’s pale face. 

Vincent ran over to her and dropped to his knees.  He placed his large, gentle fingers upon her neck feeling for a pulse.  Her pulse was faint.  Then he saw she was not lying on a pile of brush but a man.  He carefully placed his fingers on the man’s neck. 

“Ben I don’t think he made it.  We’ve got to get her home.  Good boy Ben.”  Vincent reached down and lifted this small woman into his arms.  He ran through the forest to his home.  Her body was limp, her face cold. 

Reaching the chateau pushing open the large, heavy door.  In the light he saw her wounds.  Her shoulder was bleeding heavily from a large hole through the wet suit.  Her right thigh was also hemorrhaging.

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